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Meet Lily

Welcome! I am Krista, the owner/operator at Honeybee Beauty Studio.

I LOVE what I do and THANK YOU for being here! I hope to get the chance to meet you!

Well, let me tell you a little about me.

As a service provider, my goal is to create a safe space for you to enjoy your self care appts. Whatever you are wanting to enhance with your lashes or brows, I got you! I also LOVE educating my guests about products that have worked for myself  and others. Ask all the questions, the more the merrier.
My specialty lays within enhancing your natural beauty, leaving you feeling fabulous and fully supported on achieving your beauty goals. 


As a trainer my goal is to show up authentically as me, with love and acceptance of who you are and together can level up and grow. To support an environment that encourages resilience, open mindedness, to learn how to help yourself while also utilizing your support systems. For you to know and trust that you are fully supported by myself and a large community, while growing within your business and elevating your skillset I want to always remind you that you are the ONLY YOU that there is. Okay? Get that engrained in your mind. You have so much to give and do not forget that. SERIOUSLY, you are one of a kind on this planet called earth, floating around space! The only you that there is, no one else is like YOU so embrace all that you are. Evolve into the best versions of you that bring you joy!

My goal as a Lash Artist/Trainer, I ADVOCATE for a healthy, positive, thriving Beauty/Health/Wellness industry. I started this adventure in 2010 as a certified Nail technician. Since then, I have explored 18 different services and have found a deep love for learning more and remaining extremely open minded about the industry. Becoming a Certified MyLamination Trainer has been an amazing evolution with my self growth and business growth. Being empowered through outstanding people and then being inspired to grow because of it is a great feeling! For me to have the opportunity to impact someone else's life in a positive way, is hands down one of the most rewarding gifts.





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